Our Approach


Osélience is a research lab

We bring you our ongoing learning, especially on emotional intelligence, neuroscience, permaculture and sustainability.

Our approach is inclusive and multidisciplinary:

IMAGO, NVC, positive psychology, neuroscience, poly vagal theory, NLP, body awareness (yoga), meditation, relaxation, art therapy, massage.

We are continuously building a network of professionals to stay at the forefront of the research in our field. Fostering international connections, particularly with the United States and the United Kingdom. Co-construction and co-creation is our philosophy. Each person who visits us will be able to learn and develop new paradigms and share their contributions and knowledge.

“Sharing, support, caring and connection are the ingredients of a fulfilling life, this is the project we propose at Osélience, in Bois Dieu.”

Izya Barrett

A real experience of transformation

Whether you come  in a group activity or by yourself, you will learn from the experience offered and through our teachings.

Give and receive attention, ideas, and participate in the life of the center by cooking and tidying.

There are so many opportunities to have a conscious common experience by living together in a committed way.

Experience a mindful way of life:

  • By receiving the gifts of everyday life and increasing our gratitude (a bed well made, a meal prepared, the sun shining, a bird singing, nature thriving…). Nature and human beings are full of gifts.
  • To give to someone whether you know them or not (prepare the room for someone else, leave a welcome note, prepare food for the group, take care of the house so that it can continue to accommodate…).

We believe that emotional and bodily experiences hold the most promise for sustainable generative personal development.

Izya Barrett

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