photo du jardin pour les formations professionnelles



Whether you want to know yourself better through others, to grow or to mature: one of these workshops could be a cornerstone of your journey. 

For more information, please contact us. You can also find our upcoming dates in the calendar. 

Workshops : Career Transition

2 days to regain energy and build confidence when facing changes in our professional life. 

This workshop is designed for people who are going through  career transition inside or outside the company setting. 

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  • Approach the cycles of change, receive tools to live this search with serenity. 
  • Identify together the emotional mechanisms associated with life changes (e.g. grief)
  • Abandon limiting beliefs in favour of energising ones
  • Find your personal essence and professional strength
  • Make choices that take into account: the self, others the environment.
  • Put into action the decisions that allows us to embrace the future
  • Initiate forgiveness and gratitude protocols when necessary. 

2 days to find your alignment, to boost your energy and confidence. 

Finding your personal coherence allows you to give the best of yourself.

This workshop is for those who seek to reconsider their professional orientation and improve their impact through their personal alignment.  

  • Visit your deepest needs, your areas of alignement and non-alignment and your inner conflicts. 
  • Become deeply aware of what constitutes your personal and professional assets: what  you do easily and comfortably, with pleasure without efforts.
  • Find your personal energy to get your moving and build your confidence.
  • Allow yourself to discover what emanates from you naturally, what makes you strong and what has always been your fuel. 
  • Make professional choices in line with our personality and your most essential needs. 

1 day to connect with the environment and design your futur contribution to tomorrow’s world.  

This workshop is aimed at those who wish to consider he path of ecology in their future jobs. 

Align your actions with an awareness of the impact of eco-systemic transformation on organisations and the economy. 

  • Reconnection your connection with all life: “we protect what we love and we love what we know well”. 
  • Understanding the Donut Theory (Kate Raworth): the transition from an extra-active and socially unjust economy to a regenerative economy, respectful of the 9 planetary boundaries and “safe zone”. 
  • Consider novelty: new lifestyles, new business models, new ways of cooperating and governing. 
  • Lay the foundations for your future commitments, including your future career. 

2 days to become tomorrow’s leader. 

This workshop is aimed at all leaders going through a career transition who are seeking to be a facilitator during their search for a new role. 

Learn how to succeed in networking and recruitment interviews and reinforce emotional leadership. 

  • Empower your leadership through your self-expression. 
  • Manage relational stress in meetings and one-to-one situations. 
  • Understand the mechanisms of conflicts and prevent aggressiveness.
  • Develop your listening skills and empathy to ensure commitment. 
  • Learn the spirit and techniques to co-construction and creativity (IMAGO).
  • Acquire knowledge in neuroscience and positive psychology. 
  • Understand the nervous system, its reflex functions and brain regulations practices. 
  • Learn tuning techniques conducive to connection. 
  • Learn the art of the appropriate self-disclosure to improve your relationships. 

"Relational Intelligence" is a nourishing, powerful and profound workshop. Approach it with questions to be answered and let yourself be guided by the group work guided by Izya!

Team Building et Formations Professionnelles

2 days to create a united and committed group.

Our relationships are a true testing lab for our interpersonal maturity. By providing relational security, each group member brings out the best in themself.  

  • Change paradigm: “from surviving to living” by integrating knowledge of our nervous system in situation of change and uncertainty. 
  • Regulate your fears, eco-anxiety and contradictions. 
  • Co-construct by practicing authentic, emotional expression for a future t the service of the group. 
  • Use empathy to overcome differences. 
  • Understand the mechanisms of conflict, avoid aggressivity and mobilise positive energy. 
  • Create a common purpose with values hat takes into account personal ecology, collective ecology and environmental ecology. 
  • Create objectives and action plans halfway between dreams and reality. 

2 days to move away from the past and look towards the future. 

Leading the change of an entire team requires each of us. Each crisis is an opportunity for growth. 

  • Address the cycles of change, receive tools to close the past and face the future. 
  • Identify together the emotional mechanisms associated with life changes (e.g. grief). 
  • Abandon limiting beliefs in favour of energising ones.
  • Dream together of a world hat takes into account the self, others, and the environment triangle.
  • Make choices together where you are aligned and give yourself he chance to succeed.
  • Put into action the decisions that allow us to embrace the future.  

"A unique moment of introspection and sharing that makes you grow and that brings a lot of serenity and positive energy for the future"