Cap Transition




Design the individual and unique program you need.  

After assessing your needs, Cap Transition will develop a tailored program. 

Cap Transition

A highly personalised individual and group work. 

It’s a journey based on individual and collective approaches that are mutually supportive. 

  • In-depth encounters with experienced career transition coaches to reveal your talents and aspirations.
  • 3 residential workshops focusing on change management and emotional intelligence for your transition. 
  • A companionship group: real support throughout your career transition. Companionship plays a key role in the success of your search. 
  • We will guide you and share with you our simple and respectful coaching tools for optimal effectiveness.
  • A workshop on the environmental transition, essential or taking  stand on global issues – to integrate into your future choices. 
  • A method that puts your values, your personal ecology and what makes sense to you at the center of your professional transition. 
coaching professionnel en individuel avec une cliente

A 3 step journey

Depending on your needs, choose on of these steps of the whole program. 

Through a combination of personal reflection with your coach and residential workshops you will:

  • Mourn the past and gather your energy.
  • Identify your talents, strengths and deepest aspirations. 
  • Define the new mission you’re going to offer to the world. 
  • Learn about your natural leadership style.
  • Prepare your written and oral communication.
  • Workshop in emotional intelligence to give you every chance of having inspiring and rewarding encounters.
  • Receive support from your companionship group. 

Meetings with your coach and your companionship group will: 

  • Manage your stress.
  • Prepare for important interviews.
  • Review your strategy. 
  • Increase your power of attraction and expand our ability to create a supportive relational network.
  • Our warmth and deep listening skills to help you reveal yourself. 
  • Our expertise and our authentic, creative advice will help you find what you’re looking for in record time.
  • Our emotional stability management tools to help you cope with change.
  •  Our professional development centre in nature is the perfect place to reflect and take a step back. 
  • Our hybrid format: face-to-face/virtual – in the countryside and in Paris. 
  • Our companionship groups. 
  • Our training in coaching, Polyvagal Theory (nervous system/stress management), neuroscience, emotional intelligence, NLP, IMAGO, and Narrative Practices. 

An overall vision that helps to put all the pieces of the puzzle together... both personal and professional. I enjoyed "diving" into the past, taking time for the present, and imagining the future. This coaching enlightened me on several issues, which although already known, came out quite strongly and clearly. I gained confidence and the will to act.

Interaction, collaboration and accelerated learning. 

Residential workshops reinforce self-knowledge, personal grounding and self-confidence. They also help to ensure personal and professional alignment, so that the search for a new activity has every chance of succeeding rapidly.

Workshops build solid solid groups that become a foundation for expanding your network. 

Personnes en outplacement individuel, en groupe, assises dans une pièce - cap transition
Cap Transition

4 residential workshops

  • From the past towards the future:
    2 days to learn from the past, give thanks and regenerate.
  • Personal coherence, professional empowerment: 
    2 days to boost your energy and confidence. Become aware of your strengths, skills and develop your offer. 
  • Emotional Intelligence: 
    2 days to learns and experience the power of authentic speech, and listening techniques for powerful and creative encounters. 
  • Environmental Transition écologique, internal transition:
    1 day to understand ecosystem transformations and their impact, to forge your own path to action. 


Education & training
Workshop on the environmental transition

Beyond personal interests, sensitivity and knowledge on the connections between the impact of corporate activities and global issues re real differentiators on the job market. 

Take advantage of your career transition to educate yourself on this current topic and find out how you can integrate this learning into your career path. 


Exceptional value 
An exceptional value.

We tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. You can choose any or all of the phases.

Reflection phase: €8,500 excl.
Préparation for action phase: €2,500 excl.
Finding a job phase: 2,500€ excl.

Complete outplacement: €13,500 excl.

"Light" package (individual sessions + 1 workshop): €3,500 excl. 


Result oriented
The efficiency of your job search comes first 

This program combines: 

  • Individual meetings with an expert coach.  
  • Group work: 3 residential workshops.
  • Companionship groups.
  • A 1 day workshop on the environment transition 
  • An independent reflection plateforme 
  • A hybrid workspace: in Paris, in the countryside and online.


Osélience's commitment 

As a part of our commitment as a socially & economically responsible player, we offer he opportunity to benefit from support on preferential terms. We adapt the program so that it remains accessible to as many people as possible.

Possibility of a "check up", in case f difficulties during the career transition.