It’s when the quality of the relationships between people in a company shines that true expression and creativity takes place. This is key to success.

Conscious listening allows for inclusion in decision making, and limits siloed organizing.

Leaders help their teams grow by showcasing trust and their desire for co-construction.

Come to develop your authentic leadership, your relational impact and your capacity for empathy and assertiveness. Learn to accompany the cycles of change in your company on a relational level.

Our Offers

Take a day to do a check up with a relational and leadership coach.

  • You are going through major change.
  • You are questioning your position as a leader.
  • You want to do a 360 assessment.

During this day long workshop you will:

  • Discover tools to understand yourself and others
  • Adjust your choices, your personal coherence and your alignment
  • Check on your personal ecology in your professional setting
  • Establish a personal development program to be implemented

A new and original way of being coached. A chance to step back and gain perspective in a space that encourages reflection and calm.

A program composed of full day coaching sessions interspersed with video-conference meetings.

The outcome:

  • Explore and clarify a specific situation with your coach.
  • Take a step back with tools and exercises designed specifically for you by your coach.
  • Establish and develop an action plan.

Currently working? You can:

  • Learn stress regulation techniques that promote openness
  • Explore innovative approaches to dealing with your everyday life as a leader
  • Develop your relational intelligence, conscious listening and empathy
  • Identify your personal style and leadership abilities
  • Establish a collaborative spirit where co-construction can flourish and where conflict is a field for creativity.

Are you in a career transition? You can :

  • Identify your added value
  • Work on themes such as finding one’s true place and regaining self-confidence
  • Explore your career options
  • Manage your stress in the face of change.

See coaching exploration themes below.

Izya's guidance has been fundamental in my life: thanks to our work, I have overcome blockages, I have learned to know myself better and to listen to myself in order to unfold my potential and I have become the main actor of my life.

Organize your team-building in an exceptional setting.

  • Strengthen team spirit with our “Adventure Together” outdoor game. This experience fosters team cohesion and allows for collaborative behaviors.
    Find your common grounds with the MBTI.

Build an ad hoc seminar according to your needs

On the themes of emotional intelligence, transition skills, ecological transition (see below):

  • Get to know each other better and integrate the team’s complementarity.
  • Avoid tensions and relational stress due to disagreements.
  • Design a relational chart.
  • Create a common vision.

Managers and their team have at their disposal all the assets offered at Bois Dieu: participative living rituals, the multipurpose room, the large garden, the artist’s studio, accommodation and the spa.

Circle of authentic sharing for executives

The circles are organized by Osélience for executives who want to find a group of peers with whom to discuss issues that concern them.
Topics may vary from: leadership, conflict resolution, ecological transition or other current topics in the life of the company.
The facilitation of these communication and creativity circles is ensured by Izya Barrett

Themes of exploration


Authentic leadership and neuroscience

Coaching for leaders and their teams who want to develop their ability to understand how to:

  • Create a kind work culture, without stress or power struggles
  • Offering the possibility of creative speech
  • Put active listening at the service of performance
  • Use the language of emotions to convey messages
  • Grow your receptivity and develop your empathy

Il s’adresse aussi aux leaders qui veulent aiguiser leur agilité émotionnelle, mieux gérer leur stress dans les rencontres à enjeu, accroitre leur capacité à embarquer le plus grand nombre.


You are going through a transition inside or outside your company

  • Conduct change in your company, or take your career change into your hands.
  • Clean up the debris of the past.
  • Find what needs to be let go to embrace the future.
  • Recognize the stages of grief and accompany them for yourself and others.
  • Ensure consistency of your choices.
  • Fully engage in your life today by identifying your resources.
  • Regain trust and connect with your future.
  • Restore your vital energy that has been shaken by the gusts of change.


Build creativity and collective intelligence

  • Team-building to strengthen group cohesion and stimulate collective intelligence.
  • We create outdoor games and activities that generate team cooperation to advance and succeed in your goals.
  • An approach that is both playful and revealing of our cooperative and non-cooperative behaviors.
  • A well of learning, for oneself and for the team, which creates strong awareness and joint decision making to build the future together.


For socially and environmentally conscious leaders

You want to adopt better social and environmental practices within your company:

  • Consciously face the challenges of the current situation we are in.
  • Deploy actions of information and training to increase the level of awareness on these subjects (climate, biodiversity, waste, resources).
  • Develop and deliver sincere, structured and inspiring messages.
  • Prepare your company for crises and support eco-anxiety within your organization.
  • Create a vision that integrates economic, social and environmental elements within a regenerative dynamic.
  • Design and implement sustainable and regenerative action plans over time